Billiards For Beginners

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David Sheesley Setting aside the self promotion this book contains many of the facts that I know now, that I wish I knew when I started playing pool in a serious way.
Bob Keller Whether you are brand new to pool or already on your life-long pool journey, you will enjoy this book.
Jim Parker My Congratulations on your one-of-a-kind book. I strongly believe it well might be the most detailed book ever written on billiards (all cue sports.)
Peter Harth Dave's book covers a variety of pool topics from equipment to advanced shot making. I would recommend this book to anyone starting to play pool seriously. The explanations are short and very clear. This book will be a valuable tool even when you are no longer a beginner.
Samm Diep This book is a fun summary of our billiard history which includes interesting facts, photos and anecdotes.
Samm Diep, Master Certified Instructor & National Coach for Juniors Team U.S.A.
Richard Looze If you’re like me, I didn’t dedicate my life to learning the game of pool but I enjoy it. Reading this book has helped my game and I am having more fun playing pool than ever. I think it offers some good ideas for beginners and intermediate players. It’s not too technical and it’s clearly illustrated to facilitate your learning.